Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm back

I'm back from DefCon. Saw 'Penn and Teller' (Or is that 'Penn & Teller'?). I stayed at The Rio (all suites hotel and casino in Nevada) with my older brother. I wanted to up my ham radio license, but damnit, I left my ham license at home. It felt like when one gets pulled over by the cops and you've forgotten your drivers license. I donated $20.00 to the EFF and got a mohawk for it. I don't look good in a mohawk, but at least I didn't look out of place with all the other mohawks that were there. There were vendors. I bought some lockpicks, two 8 gig PATA flash drives, and at Fry's Electronics some really good solder and a five white LED's. The only reason I bought the 8 gig drives is because they were cheap at $5.00 each. I can find plenty of uses for them. The lockpicks were being sold at the lockpicking workshop. I picked a few locks. Fun. I bought the solder just because I needed good solder. A 1 Lb spool online is cheap, but shipping a pound of lead isn't, and Radio Shack really doesn't have a good selection and I already had a return ticket for the plane. The Wall of Sheep was interesting. They set up a cell phone recharging kiosk. Of course they set it up to pretend it was 'slurping' your cell phone data. The kiosk display would change and give you a warning . I needed to charge my iPod, but when I plugged it in, the iPod display didn't go to charging mode, but to hard drive mode. I really don't have anything secret on my iPod so I wasn't really worried, but I did unplug it rather quickly. I rebooted the iPod into Rockbox and forced Rockbox not to go into drive mode, but to emulate a mouse/web browser controller.

There was a lot more than this, but my memory is still being written to permanent memory and inaccessible right now. I'll probably re-remember more stuff as time goes on.

All in all I liked it and really plan on doing it again, except the next time I'll be more prepared and will be able to squeeze in more stuff. I spent most of the time wandering around in a zombie state and running to the next thing.

Saturday, August 13, 2011